The Sproutarian - what our site is about..

This site is written by a full time Sproutarian whose raw diet is almost entirely dependent on sprouted foods. About 90% of my diet is sprout based, and the other 10% is comprised of algae, weeds, sea vegetables (Dulse, Wakame, Arame, Nori, Kelp) and some fruit. My friend Mr Kearns who also runs this site is also sproutarian, but he is not a full time sproutarian at the moment, but he does understand the value of a sproutarian diet and believes that a sprout diet is the best of all the diets.  

In this site l will thoroughly cover all aspects of the sproutarian way of life. l will talk about why a raw vegan sproutarian diet is by far the best diet of any diet, how to grow dozens of different sprouts (weed seed sprouts, nut sprouts, seed sprouts, grain sprouts, legume sprouts), the lifestyle of a sproutarian, the truth about vegan diets, nutrition, spirituality, the complete guide to a healthy lifestyle, the truth about blending and mass food production and much much more. I feel the information given on raw vegan diets is quite poor, that's why many people are failing on such diets. I wish to share many ideas on the raw vegan diet that l feel gives a person the best chance to succeed in the 21st century. One of the keys is to learn to grow our own food again, in particular, to learn how to sprout our food.